Privacy Policy

We have developed these policies so that you know the responsibilities of in regards to privacy. The following determines the collection and distribution of the rules as applied by the website.

When ordering from, all customers must enter their current contact information (name, address, telephone, email address etc.). This information is used to provide users of our website with information about companies that we select, as well as campaigns and new materials. We will also use your contact information in the event that we need to contact you, and we will share it with other companies who would like to get in touch with you as well. You can opt to have your information erased from our system if you desire. We also collect financial information that will be used for the collection of prices or our products and services and wherever else it is necessary. Your personal information will be used for entry of our users as well as for identity verification. We also collect statistical information for as well, and can be used wherever we want to use it. We will use this to follow the movement of our users and if extra content was given it may be shared with other companies. Our website has made agreements with companies who advertise with us; it is with these companies that the information may be shared. is not responsible for the privacy policies of the websites whose links you may find on our website.

When you place an order on you must enter all of your contact information in the fields provided. This data is used to give our users and customers the information on our company as well as other businesses and companies that we select, as well as any campaigns and news materials that are relevant as well. This contact information will also be used in the event that we need to contact you for any reason, including, but not limited to order information, and updates to our website. Other companies may use this contact information to get in touch with you as well, unless you choose not to allow it. Users may choose to opt out and have all of their personal information removed from our site at their request. Personal information will be used to verify your identity as well as during the entry of the user to our systems.

Correction / Renewal

As a user of our website, you have the right to edit or change any of the information you provide to us through any field of contact any time you wish.

You may submit questions or comments regarding this policy by using the following information to contact

E-mail address: [email protected]
Web site:

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